EMERGRAF Poland presents


After the renovation of the partnership with Emergraf
also for Solema Boards Division machines range,
we will be present at the main trade show in Poland
with one of our most known machine’s.

After the creation of the Solema Boards Division, we had the opportunity to strengthen some of our partnerships, originally born for in the Graphic Art Industry, also for the Packaging field, one of these renewed partnership is with Emergraf, our Polish agent.

They had been our agents for the sales of Graphic Arts equipment starting from 2012, and now we have also extended our cooperation in this new field of Packaging with our new range of Solema Boards machines.

After the decision have been taken, we decided immediately to participate at the Polish events of the year related to the Packaging Industry, that will take part right in Poland, precisely in Poznan. At Taropak (Int.Trade Fair of Packaging Technology and Logistics,
Solema will be present at Emergraf booth ( 36 Hall 3 ) showing for the first time in the Polish market a machine of the new Solema Board range, the Solema ANDAX.

Solema ANDAX is an automatic partition assembler, very robust and versatile, that could handle all types of corrugated board. This machine, updated and redesigned, is now manufactured by Solema with all latest technology and integrate the best of the 70 years Roda technology and expertise in construction of highly reliable assembly machines.

We trust that during this event we will be able to promote at the best the new Solema Boards division in Poland, and with the support of Emergraf to be able to reach out at any customer who will be willing to get introduced to this new technology established integrating the well know Roda precision.

Come and visit us at TAROPACK from September 29th to October 2nd at booth36 in pavilion 3!


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